Frequently Asked Questions

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Why outsource your billing?
Medical providers have become buried in paper while it has become more and more difficult to get paid for their services. Today every provider faces the potential of getting paid less for more work, potentially losing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. K&D Medical Billing can help lower your costs; increase revenue collected and reverse lost revenue from denials and poor follow-up. Billing systems, human resources as well as computer software and hardware expenditures are often difficult to maintain in house and are very expensive. Hiring, training, managing and successfully maintaining in-house billing staff is a challenge that many practices face, and can negatively impact the bottom line. With K&D Medical Billing managing your revenue cycle you can reduce your billing cost, helping you improve your bottom line. Our services and systems are designed to get you paid faster, prevent rejections, track claims efficiently, and follow-up on unpaid claims and patient balances. Our focus is to improve your cash flow significantly by getting you paid faster and collecting the maximum amount of money possible.
Can K&D Medical Billing interface with my Electronic Health Records (EHR) program?
K&D Medical Billing offers 2 options: 1. If your EHR vendor will export your data using an HL7, we can work with them. or 2. Perform the billing from your EHR if it is as robust as our software. K&D Medical Billing can integrate your patient demographic, insurance and charge data with our medical billing software to save you money by reducing your operational cost and often will increase revenue by vastly improving the efficiency of your billing cycle
How do I send my patient data to K&D Medical Billing?
K&D Medical Billing utilizes state-of-the-art scanning technology and can accept billing data on paper or electronically via efax, USPS, UPS or FedEx. K&D Medical Billing is a paperless office. Any paper documents sent to K&D Medical Billing are scanned into digital files for processing. All paper is then either returned to the client or shredded. We take data privacy and security very seriously and are committed to meeting HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards.
Do you handle patient billing inquiries?
Our toll free number is listed on all patient statements for them to call with any questions or concerns regarding their bill. They will call us, not your office, Monday through Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 EST. K&D Medical Billing has no automated attendant. When a patient calls, a real person handles the call!
What are your fees?
K&D Medical Billing will be happy to evaluate your needs and provide you with a fair estimate at no cost or consequence to your practice. No matter which solution you choose, you will almost surely experience significant cost savings and an increase in your overall collections.
What medical billing management reports will I receive?
The standard report package includes comprehensive monthly closing reports such as the charges amount, health insurance payments, patient payments and aged receivables. Practice-specific reports are available on request.
Why should I participate in Medicare Advantage?
• One third of Medicare beneficiaries — over 18.5 million individuals have chosen to receive their Medicare coverage through Medicare Advantage • 99% of Medicare-eligible individuals have access to a Medicare Advantage plan in their area. • Medicare Advantage enrollment is projected to reach 31 million beneficiaries and 41% of Medicare by 2027.
What exactly is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan?
Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” (distinct from Medicare Supplement plans) are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. If you join a Medicare Advantage Plan, you still have Medicare. You’ll get your Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) coverage from the Medicare Advantage Plan and not Original Medicare. If you have any further questions contact us!