Premier Revenue Cycle Management Solutions In Metuchen, New Jersey

Premier Revenue Cycle Management Solutions For Your Practice

At K&D Medical Billing and Services Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of medical billing & coding services designed to meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers.

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About Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management service is designed to streamline your practice’s financial operations from patient intake to final payment. This includes:

  • Patient Registration and Verification: We begin by accurately capturing patient information and verifying insurance details to set the stage for a smooth billing process.
  • Charge Capture and Coding: Utilizing the latest medical coding standards, we ensure that every service provided is captured and correctly coded.
  • Claim Submission and Follow-up: Our team handles all aspects of claim submission and diligently follows up on any delays or denials to ensure timely payments.
  • Payment Posting and Reconciliation: We post payments and perform financial reconciliations to keep your accounts accurate and up to date.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Monthly reports and analytics provide you with insights into your practice’s financial health, helping you make informed decisions.
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Why Choose Our Medical Billing Solutions

When you choose K&D Medical Billing and Services Inc. as your trust partner in medical billing, you are offered:

  • Claim Follow-Ups

  • Denials & Appeals Management

  • Account Receivable Management

  • Provider Insurance Enrollment & Credentialing

  • Customized Reports

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Why Choose Our Medical Coding Services

When you choose our medical coding services, you are offered:

  • On-Site Billing & Coding Training
  • Clinical Documentation, Billing and Coding Internal Audits
  • Post-Payment Audits
  • Continuous Education and Training
  • Data Security and Privacy regulations
  • Revenue Cycle Efficiency
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Transparent Pricing and Contract Flexibility

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